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The Who:

Lariel Labs and Holobet Blog

Lariel Labs is behind the interactive blog at Holobet, a platform that aims to engage its audience through quizzes and informative content. The blog, already live atHolobet, serves as a hub for various quizzes, each with its own card in a dedicated Quiz section. The backend is integrated with Strapi, and the frontend is built using Next.js. The codebase is hosted on a private GitHub repository and deployed through Vercel.

Issues Faced:

Solving Educational Challenges with Sigma School's LMS

  • The need for an interactive quiz feature embedded within blog posts.
  • Requirement for an email service to send quiz results to users.
  • The necessity for an admin dashboard for quiz management.
  • The challenge of integrating these new features seamlessly into the existing Strapi backend and Next.js frontend.
The Solution:

What Sigma Studios Did

Sigma Studios developed an interactive quiz feature that allows users to navigate through multiple-choice questions. The quiz questions and answers can be randomized for a unique user experience. Users can review and change their answers before final submission.

Email Integration

We integrated an email service that enables users to receive their quiz results via email. This feature is optional, as users can also view their results, along with explanations, in an endless scrolling format on the website.

Admin Dashboard Enhancement

A dedicated "Quiz" subsection was added to the "Content Manager" in the Strapi backend. This allows the admin to create and manage quizzes separately from blog posts. The admin can outline the quiz, add questions and answers, and provide explanations for the answers.

Frontend and Backend Synchronization

We ensured that the new quiz cards in the "Quiz" section are in harmony with the existing blog post animations. The frontend, built in Next.js, was seamlessly integrated with the Strapi backend.

Warranty and Timeline

All frontend and backend functionalities were delivered according to the specifications, within a timeline of one to two months. Any changes to UI and functional changes requiring refactoring were discussed and are potentially billable.

By implementing these solutions, Sigma Studios helped Lariel Labs elevate the Holobet blog into an interactive and engaging platform for its audience.

Case Details

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